1. Brief - What is Share & Grow?

In this Share & Grow exercise we emphasise that storytelling is a vital survival skills for any entrepreneurs. Yet it is no rocket science, and hustling is a numbers game - the more you do it, the better you get. While some of you are already comfortable at talking to new partners, others may need a little nudge to talk to strangers. We hope to provide this opportunity for you to talk to the following two categories of people and share your experience:

1. Someone who is most likely to pay for your products or services.

2. Someone who is most likely to partner or invest in your mission.

Where will this be used?

  • This will be printed out for showcase along side your one-pagers in the Summit.
  • This will compliment your one-pager when sending to our partners.
  • This will help us to better identify businesses and partners in the supply chain who may be interested in your offerings. 

2. Tips - Simplify to Amplify

Proposed Structure:

You can save some time and braincells by utilising this Chill & Fill template :)

Download Instructions: Link is view only, please click on "File" (Top Left) then “Make a copy...” in your google drive or “Download As .pptx”.

If you wish to use your own layouts, please kindly follow the simple guidelines below.

  • A4 portrait orientation and readable font and size (14+pt).
  • Make sure you have answered the key questions in the template. 
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.

3. How to Submit?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Click on the "Submit" button below and follow the upload form instructions.
  • English language is preferred for the regional audience, please kindly seek translation assistance from your local UNDP staff if this is a challenge.
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.
  • Submission deadline is 1st February, 2019.

People don't just give to products or companies, ultimately people give to people, always be prepared to tell your story and impact effectively.

- Usha Menon

Learn more about our knowledge partners Usha Menon and Resource Alliance.

Usha works with nonprofit and social purpose organisations in Asia to strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources. She provides client-focused consultancy and training in Management, Leadership Development, and Fundraising & Philanthropy. She leads a global consultancy with a focus on for-impact organisations in Asia.

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