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Pitch Perfect

Tell your story effectively in 3 minutes.

1. Brief - What is Pitch Perfect?

Pitch Perfect helps you to articulate your story and your call to action to a wide range of audience, the ultimate tip here is - practice, only practice makes perfect. :)

Top 3 common mistakes on pitching mentioned in the video to address:

  • Problem Statement - make it relatable to your audience, capture the magnitude of the problem, and present the market opportunity. 
  • Competition - Show that you understand your market by mentioning about businesses you can learn from, and any substitutions and existing solutions you can build on.
  • Call To Action - Why are you pitching to the audience? Mention what you need help on, and what is the Return On Investment (ROI) - what can they benefit from it? Financial gains? A more sustainable future? Why does it matter for them? etc.

Where will it be used?

  • Any events and communications for you to showcase your business
  • Shared with our partners who are supporting young social entrepreneurs
  • The audience would be youth and enabling partners in the region

2. Making Your Pitch Perfect

The Chill & Fill template helps you to make your own, the template is "view only" - here's a guide on how to download the file and get started. (takes ~35 minutes)

Resources For The Curious :)

Tips on presenting with confidence:

Tips on making your presentation engaging:

  • Design- simple, clean and elegant- That will engage the audience. People lose attention if the slides are cluttered and messy. Also helps you to stay on the message.

  • Generally, present one idea per slide if possible. This is however not a rule.

  • Be clear and concise – Use simple and easy to understand language for the text. Try and avoid too much text on one slide. Have a clear message

  • Tell a story- A very effective way of engaging your audience and making a connection with them.

  • Visuals- Visuals are very effective - use visuals, pictures, etc. to make it more engaging and interesting

  • It is important to keep it real and authentic. Eg. Visuals from the actual project or of real prototypes. State actual results.
    Please look out for typos or grammatical errors. Seek help with spellings, language and grammar if possible or if you need to. Pay attention to the formatting.

  • Use elements like fonts, logos, and colours from your branding throughout the pitch deck for flow and uniformity.

Inspirations & Tools

Free Stock Photos

Color Match

Wireframes (for technology interface design)

Make a Website in 15 mins

Learn more about the video:

Amarit Charoenphan (Aim)

Amarit is the Executive Chairman and co-founder of HUBBA and Techsauce. He is also a Fellow of the Edmund Hillary Fellowship (EHF), and has been named as one of Forbes Asia 30 Under 30: Enterprise Technology, and Thailand Startup Enabler of The Year 2016. He has been involved at an early stage with more than 20 ventures during the past decade as an angel or advisory capacity. He has also coached and consulted ecosystem hubs and leaders in over 30 cities on how to build tech communities.

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