The Online UN Volunteer is a platform with a large pool of quality active volunteers, mostly professionals in the domain that they volunteer in, however we cannot guarantee to find a match on all tasks requested. This is an exciting opportunity to let more people know about your work and onboard them on your mission.

Please do not hesitate to reach out for any questions or suggestions, looking forward to all your requests! 😄

Area of OUNV Support Description Templates

1. Translation to English
We are looking for an online volunteer to help us translate [type of text] about [topic] from [language] to English. The document will be used by the organization to [goal] and will help us reach [objectives]. The text to be translated is [number of characters/pages] long.

2. Editing and Writing in English
We are looking for an online volunteer to support us in drafting [number and type of documents] and editing [number and type of documents]. The volunteer will draft the required material with the support of our organization.

3. Market Research
We are looking for volunteers for the [project name or description] to analyze/research the [topic] in [language]. This will help us achieve [goals and objectives description].

4. Graphic Design
We are looking for creative and motivated online volunteers to support our team with creating designs and artwork used in our [name of campaign/ outreach]/ for our new [name of document]. The online volunteers will be asked to create a design for the document which consists of approximately [number] pages of text, including tables, graphs and images. The design and its layout should follow our corporate design guidelines which will be shared with the online volunteers in advance.

5. Web Development
We are looking for an online volunteer to help us develop our organization’s website. The website should be user and mobile friendly. We will provide the volunteers with all the necessary content and branding. We will communicate with volunteers primarily through email. The volunteer will work in a team with our IT staff.

6. Social Media and Marketing

We are looking for experienced and creative online volunteers to support our communications team with the development of an outreach/social media campaign to increase visibility and attract users. To this end, online volunteers will build and execute the outreach/social media campaign through competitive research, platform determination, benchmarking, messaging and audience identification. Based on this the online volunteers will then create social media content and other necessary materials to support and execute the campaign.

7. Animation Video

We are looking for creative volunteers to support our organization/ communications team with creating a video animation that will be used for [project objectives]. The creator will produce a video animation, approximately [xx minutes] long. The volunteer will receive storyboards, brand guidelines and full guidance and support from [organization name].

8. Video Editing
We are looking for an online volunteer to support our promotional efforts by editing a video that will be used for [project/social media campaign]. We will provide the raw footage and branding of our organization, as well as guidance on how we would like the final video to look like.

9. Conduct Interviews
We are looking for experienced online volunteers who will be helping [organization] to raise awareness of [topic] through interviewing and writing [interviewees] stories, competition previews and reviews for our website. The online volunteers will be asked to research and write an average of two stories per month. An editorial calendar will be given to volunteers which includes the schedule of people who will be interviewed and events which will be covered, but volunteers are also free to make their own suggestions for content. Volunteers will have to contact our member organizations or other agencies to arrange interviews. All stories will be written in English.

10. Data Analysis
We are looking for online volunteers to support our organization/ project team with carrying out quantitative and qualitative data analysis for the evaluation of [project description]. All communication and collaboration between the online volunteers and other team members will take place through emails and Skype calls. The online volunteers shall regularly send status updates about the work to the supervisor. Moreover, the volunteers may occasionally be requested to participate in team meetings over Skype. The selected online volunteer will have the opportunity to engage with a wide range of research tasks to support monitoring and impact evaluations.

11. Project Proposal Writing
We are looking for online volunteers to help us with writing a project proposal for [project]. The result of the project will be [goals description]. [Organization name] will provide all necessary assistance and documents/ information to the volunteer in advance and during the proposal writing period. The volunteers will not be requested to solicit any donations on behalf of our organization but will submit the completed proposal to us for onward submission to the donor.

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