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One Pager

Articulate your idea with one page

1. Brief - What is a One Pager?

The one pager provides a concise overview of your idea, by answering the key questions in the template, you can give your target audience an overview of what your social enterprise is about, how it fills the gap in the market, the potentials in the future, and how the community can join your mission.

Where will it be used?

  • Any events and communications for you to showcase your business
  • Included as part of the Youth Co:Lab SDG Solutions catalogue
  • Shared with our partners who are supporting young social entrepreneurs
  • The audience would be youth and enabling partners in the region

2. Making Your One Pager

You can save some time and braincells by utilising the Magic Form or Chill & Fill Template, tips on each of the questions are in the "Resources For The Curious" section below.

Choose one of the simple ways to make your own:

The Magic Form will automatically generate a One Pager from your input and send to your email! Remember to keep your answers concise with the limited character count. You can refer to the full guide here. (takes ~15 minutes)


The Chill & Fill template lets you edit the document directly, here's a guide on how to download the file and get started. (takes ~25 minutes)

Can also try both and let us know which works best for you when you submit below! :)

Resources For The Curious :)

Items in the One Pager explained:

  • Tagline: Can you tell people what you in just 5-8 words? Come up with a short sentence to catch the attention, and make your target audience want to read and research more. It can be a concise description of what you do, or a mini-mission statement that your social enterprise is trying to achieve.
  • What is (Startup Name)?: 2-3 sentences on what does your startup do, why you started it and what are the products/services you are offering.
  • What problem are we solving?:  2-3 sentences to provide an overview of the challenge you are trying to tackle, how big is it? Who are the people facing this challenge? How big is the pain point, how many people live with it every day? 
  • What is our progress to date?: 1-2 sentences to highlight some of your achievements, how long have you started? How many users/ products do you have? Which are the partners that have helped you grow? 
  • How to partner with us?: What are some of the ways people can join your mission?  It can be as simple as "Liking" your page or following your startup on social media, or you can ask them to share with a friend who may be interested in using/buying your products. 
  • What resources are we looking for?: What are the in-kind and financial resources that can help you grow? If you are looking for funding, how much are you looking for, and how will you intend to you use it? 
  • About Our Team: Who are the co-founders? What are their backgrounds, expertise and story? 
  • Photo: An image that can capture the attention of your target audience. Ideally you holding your product, or your team in action. Something that tells a story that showcases your offerings.
  • Image Caption: 5-8 words to tell the audience what is in the photo.

Learn More About The Video:

Audrey Tan

Co-founder of Angels of Impact, Circles of Angels and PlayMoolah, and a Edmund Hillary Fellow (EHF), learn more about her story here. Audrey Tan's first venture was PlayMoolah, a social enterprise that educates children, parents and young adults about money management. As part of her mission in 2016, she co-founded Angels of Impact to tackle the challenge of poverty alleviation and gender equality by connecting investors and mentors to women-led social enterprises in the Asean region.

Circles of Angels

A funding network to enable social impact financing for all using blockchain technology – ​​we facilitate the funding process with transparency on how the lives of producers are actually being impacted. A transparent platform that provides a simple yet comprehensive tool to visualise and digitise the entire impact funding journey – ​​from funders directly to social enterprises.

Springboard Alumni's Tips:

We bring our one pager to all the expo showcases, and that allows people to grasp what we do instantly and

ask more matured questions.


- Himalayan Innovations (Nepal)

Learn more about the Himalayan Innovations, our Youth Co:Lab Springboard Alumni featured in this video and follow them on Facebook. A year after graduating from the Springboard Programme, they supplied to the Nepali government with their solar energy solutions to measure the height of Mount Everest, and completed the Nexus Innovation Hub pre-incubation programme in New Delhi, India.

Interested in what they are doing and their journey with us?

Connect with the founders:

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