1. Brief - What is a One Pager?

The one pager incorporates infographics where you can visualize your ideas in an effective and eye-catching manner. By answering the key questions, you can give your target audience an overview of what your social enterprise is about, how it fills the gap, the potentials in the future, and how the community can join your mission.

Where will it be used?

  • We will print as a poster to showcase at the Youth Co:Lab Summit.
  • We will send these to our partners who are looking for awesome social enterprises.
  • The audience would be youth and enabling partners in the region.

Proposed Structure:

You can save some time and braincells by utilising this Chill & Fill template :)

You can choose and modify layout A or B, and also drag and drop the icons and elements to your one pager.

Download Instructions: Link is view only, please click on "File" (Top Left) then “Make a copy...” in your google drive or “Download As .pptx”.

If you wish to use your own layouts, please kindly follow the simple guidelines below.

  • A4 portrait orientation and readable font and size (14+pt).
  • Make sure you have answered the key questions in the template. 
  • Please submit an editable file format ( e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.

2. Tips - Beautiful Resources

Make It Beautiful:

Layout Ideas:

Items Explained:

  • Tagline: A short sentence to catch the attention and make your target audience want to read and research more. It can be a concise description of what you do, or a mini-mission statement that your social enterprise is trying to achieve.
    • Example 1: PHINIX - “Wear rare footwear” (Phinix is a textile recycling center that collects textile wastes and transforms them into higher valued products such as footwear, fashion accessories and lifestyle pieces)
    • Example 2: Arooga Health - “A happier mind for a healthier life” (Arooga Health is a technology startup innovating in the emotional and mental healthcare industry in the Philippines)
  • Banner Image/ Gradient: A banner image is to capture the attention of your target audience.  It can be the picture which shows off your product or amplify the emotion you’re trying to create.

3. How To Submit?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Click on the "Submit" button below and follow the upload form instructions.
  • English language is preferred for the regional audience, please kindly seek translation assistance from your local UNDP staff if this is a challenge.
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.
  • Submission deadline is 18th January, 2019.

We bring our one pager to all the expo showcases, and that allows people to grasp what we do instantly and

ask more matured questions.


- Himalayan Innovations (Nepal)

Learn more about the Himalayan Innovations, our Youth Co:Lab Springboard Alumni featured in the video and follow them on Facebook. A year after graduating from the Springboard Programme, they are currently supplying the Nepal government with their solar energy solutions to measure the height of Mount Everest, and recently completed the Nexus Innovation Hub pre-incubation programme in New Delhi, India.

Interested in what they are doing and their journey with us?

Connect with the founders: aryal.sadeexa@gmail.com

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