1. Brief - What is an Elevator Pitch?

An Elevator Pitch is a concise description of your initiative in 30-60 seconds. The name “elevator pitch” came from people encountering opportunities to pitch to their dream client/ investor/ stakeholder to entice their interest in the shortest amount of time. The aim of an Elevator Pitch is not to overload your audience with information but to spark interest and questions.

What to do for this exercise?

It can be as simple as a vlog filmed on your phone, but please make sure you observe the guidelines below for our communications specialists to utilize your clip:

  • Film your 60-second Elevator Pitch and submit it via the submission form
  • Can use your mobile phone to film it, hold it still (ask a friend or use a tripod)
  • Film it in a quiet area with no background noise (use headphones mics if possible)
  • Film it in landscape format (horizontal)
  • Film it with a plain background if possible
  • Please do NOT insert background music 

Where will this be used?

  • We may feature some of your one minute Elevator Pitch videos on our social media channels to promote your work in the region.
  • It makes a great first impression and a very effective way to explain what you are working on. 

2. Tips - Suggested framework for your Elevator Pitch

Suggested Elevator Pitch Structure for the video (30-60 seconds):

  • 5 Seconds: Say your name, team name and where you are from.
    • Hi, my name is ________, the founder of _(team name)_, from __(country)__.
  • 15 Seconds: Start with a vision or a problem, state figures on the magnitude of impact (SDGs), make it relatable to the audience.
    • I have been in the ________ industry/ community for more than __ years, and what bothers/ strikes me most is, __(the problem)__. This problem in the industry is _(magnitude of the problem)_, and you can see it __(in your own home/ friends/ something relatable etc.)__.
  • 15 Seconds: State your solution and highlight how it is better or more applicable than others
    • Hence after _(a cause/trigger)_ I decided to try _(your solution)  , and this is when _(team name)   was born. We _(briefly explain how your solution works) , and are different/ better than existing solutions because __________. 
  • 10 Seconds: Explain your progress/ achievements to date.
    • We have been in operations for _____ months/ years, and have reached __(milestones/ users/ achievements)__ . Our next step is to _(scale the impact/ develop prototype etc.)_ to obtain __(mid-term goal)_. 
  • 10 Seconds: End with a call to action - users to sign up, stakeholders to connect and follow up, spark questions etc.
    • In order to __(achieve the goal/ next level)__ we need your help to __(call to action)__.
  • 5 Seconds: End with a powerful tagline and a big smile :) 

Here's Guy Kawasaki's 10 slides structure for your reference as mentioned in the video, you DO NOT need to include everything mentioned here, we have adapted this to a Chill & Fill template for you in Exercise 6 later for the longer pitch.

3. How to Submit?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Click on the "upload" button below and follow the instructions.
  • No more than 60 seconds please
  • Max file size is 800MB
  • Please submit by 1st March, 2019.

Your elevator pitch is your first impression, to anyone that you talk to, whether it's your audience, your future investors or your potential customers.

- Pamela Mejia

Pamela has had an exciting year after graduating the Youth Co:Lab Springboard Programme 2018. She and had gone on to excelling in Malaysian Global Innovation & Creativity Centre's (MaGIC) Global Accelerator Programme (GAP), and won UNAP's prestigious awards in sustainability.

Follow PHINIX's journey at @madebyphinix on Instagram, Facebook and www.madebyphinix.com (under renovation).

Check out PHINIX's awesome video below :)

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