1. Brief - What is the Call To Action Post?

The Call To Action (CTA) post is an engaging social media post that can capture the attention of your audience and mobilise them. Whether it is asking people to join your journey by following your social media page, acquiring new users, or engaging with customers.

What to do for this mini-exercise?

  1. Create a sleek call to action social media post  - AND - 
  2. Write a short blurb to go along with the post (two sentences max)

Where will this be used?

We will post the call to action posts on the Youth Co:Lab official Facebook channel in the next few weeks for everyone to vote ("like"), the post with the most likes will obtain an honourable "Crowd's Favourite" Award. :)

2. Tips - Suggested Template and Beautiful Resources

Proposed Template & Examples:

You can save some time and braincells by utilising this Chill & Fill template :)

Download Instructions:

This link is view only, please click on "File" (Top Left) then “Make a copy...” in your google drive or “Download As .pptx”.

If you wish to use your own layouts, please kindly follow the simple guidelines below.

  • Dimensions : 1200px x 1200px
  • Includes your product name, tagline and a call to action (see template)
  • Make sure you use photos with high enough quality/ resolution

Examples From Template:

Make it Beautiful:

Inspirations from Foodmario:

3. How To Submit?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Click on the "Submit" button below and follow the upload form instructions.
  • English language is preferred for the regional audience, please kindly seek translation assistance from your local UNDP staff if this is a challenge.
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to posting.
  • Must include the Youth Co:Lab, UNDP and Citi Foundation logo as per the template for posting.
  • Submission deadline is 15th March, 2019.

We use these social media posts to portray a happy brand, engage our users and connect our brand to the trendy affairs.


- Rohit Tiwari

Founder of Foodmario

Rohit graduated from the Youth Co:Lab Springboard Programme in 2018, with the skills developed and regional media exposure, Foodmario's revenue grew by 400%, the team expanded from 10 to over 50 talents, and now has a fleet of 25 bikes for delivery. We are very excited for him on winning the Seedstars Nepal recently, he and will be competing in Switzerland for the global prize of USD 1,000,000 grand award.

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