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Case For Support

Visualising your impact and mobilising resources.

1. Brief - What is the Case For Support?

The Case For Support is used to persuade supporters onboard, with clear metrics, vision, asks and action steps to scale your impact.

Where will this be used?

  • This will be printed out for showcase along side your one-pagers in the Summit.
  • This will compliment your one-pager when sending to our partners.
  • This will help us to better identify individuals and organisations who may match your Case For Support. 

2. Tips - Measure Your Impact

Proposed Structure:

You can save some time and braincells by utilising this Chill & Fill template :)

Download Instructions: Link is view only, please click on "File" (Top Left) then “Make a copy...” in your google drive or “Download As .pptx”.

If you wish to use your own layouts, please kindly follow the simple guidelines below.

  • A4 portrait orientation and readable font and size (12+pt).
  • Make sure you have answered the key questions in the template. 
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.

Key Terms Explained:

  • Impact Chain Table: A great tool to visualise the qualitative side of your impact. (There is a Solar Solution example in the template to further illustrate how to use this table)
    1. Input (Cost): How much to produce what you sell?
    2. Output: What product/ solution do you sell? How many units?
    3. Outcome: Describe the differences your product/ solution make, what and how much time/money/effort saved/changed because of your intervention?
    4. Impact: What are the short/mid/long term impacts created because of those differences you described in Outcome?
  • KPI (Key Performance Indicators): What are the key metrics that define your social enterprise's success? (e.g. people, environment, how many, how much, we all need a baseline 
  • Average Monthly Revenue: Revenue is the amount of money that enters your company from your product/service offerings, what is your monthly revenue? Then to get the average by dividing it by the number of months you have been in operation.
  • Active Users: How often does your users/ customers return or engage with you? How many of them are there? Usually we use monthly as the time period, but you can also define your own user cycle.
  • Key Beneficiaries' Profile: Who are the people that are benefiting from your solution? There might be more than one profiles, try to describe them as accurately as possible to provide a better context (example: rural young mothers in northern Nepal who have no access to clean water etc.).
  • Unit Ask: Try to calculate the cost per impact (example: It takes USD 300 to drill ONE well for the village that gives clean water to 100 households) - this will help people to better understand the Social Return on Investment (SROI) from your venture.
  • Lump Sum Vision: Try to multiply your Unit Ask to achieve your big vision, and how the amount you ask for can make that happen. What are you biggest bottlenecks? How will this money/resource solve it?
  • Cost Breakdown: How will you use the money? If you have a more precise amount and a concrete plan that would be great, otherwise a % of the lump sum for each main category illustrated using the pie/doughnut chart is fine (e.g. staffing, production, Research and Development (R&D), marketing etc.).

3. How to Submit?

Submission Guidelines:

  • Click on the "Submit" button below and follow the upload form instructions.
  • English language is preferred for the regional audience, please kindly seek translation assistance from your local UNDP staff if this is a challenge.
  • Please submit an editable file format (e.g. .pptx) for us to adapt to printing.
  • Submission deadline is 15th February, 2019.

The Case For Support is not to educate, but to persuade. It is to take your supporters on a journey with you and write a story together.

- Usha Menon

Learn more about our knowledge partners Usha Menon and Resource Alliance.

Usha works with nonprofit and social purpose organisations in Asia to strengthen skills, abilities, processes and resources. She provides client-focused consultancy and training in Management, Leadership Development, and Fundraising & Philanthropy. She leads a global consultancy with a focus on for-impact organisations in Asia.

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